Labyrinth Legends Reviews Keep Coming!

We love to make games, and we work really hard at it.   But as hard as we work, we never know how those games will be received.  Our biggest concern is that our customers have fun playing, and we always want to hear from you all to know what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to see next.  And when the press appreciate our efforts, it just makes our smiles all the wider.

So far, reviews for Labyrinth Legends have been quite positive.  Here’s a list of what we’ve found, so far:

If anyone finds new reviews or if you want to write your own, please feel free to link it in the comments.



Fan Art Contest Extended

We’ve had some folks ask for a little more time to submit their entries, since a number of you didn’t learn about the contest until it was posted on the Sony PlayStation blog yesterday.  Since everyone is a bit rushed this holiday season, we’ve decided to extend the submission deadline.

The new deadline is midnight, Friday, December 28th, Boston time.  So take some extra care and show us what you can do.  We’re all excited to see what everyone creates!


Cool announcement tomorrow

Like Luke said to Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, we’re just full of surprises.  Be sure to check the blog (or Facebook or Twitter or Website) tomorrow for an announcement.

And… brush up on your art skills!