The Inspiration

Much like the action-RPG, the tactical-shooter, the puzzle-platformer, and the indoor-pool, Party with Zombies sprang from an idea to combine the best aspects of two very different but very exceptional things. For PwZ, the subjects of our fusion fantasy were two genres of game that share very little: the tower defense game and the gallery shooter.

After playing an unhealthy amount of both, we came to the conclusion that they would complement each other well, the strengths of each making up for the weaknesses of the other.

Tower defense games offer strategy, customization, and depth through the selection and placement of your defenses, but often create a bit of a disconnect between the player and the action; a fair amount of time is spent watching your defenses do their thing.

Gallery shooters, on the other hand, are all about fast-paced, hair-trigger action, requiring quick decisions and quick reflexes to succeed. Unfortunately, their optimal strategy rarely extends beyond “SHOOT IT SHOOT IT SHOOOOT IIITTT,”  and the lack of depth does not lend itself to longevity of interest.

girl n gun
Despite their vast differences, the two genres are tied together by the common objective of prevention; in each genre, the player is tasked with stopping an onslaught of enemies, whether they’re storming your castle like lemmings or popping up on screen one at a time to shoot at you or steal something or… be ducks**.

This tiny little thread connecting the tower defense and gallery shooter genres is what we’ve latched on to as the starting point for Party with Zombies, from which we will be able to seamlessly weave together the best parts of each genre.

**For the purpose of this analogy, we ask the reader to unquestioningly accept the assumption that all ducks are inherently villainous. As such, they can accurately be referred to as an “onslaught” when appearing in groups above a field after being scared by a dog.


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