Come See What We’re Doing Next…

So what are we up to next?

We get asked that a lot.  Usually, we keep things under wraps, and try to work out all the kinks in our games before revealing them.  But this time, we’ve decided to let everyone check out what we’re doing.

Making games is fun, but it’s also really hard.  Late nights, deadline pressures, broken code, too much junk food, failed ideas, occasional arguments, too much coffee, eye strain and more.  But when the game we work on first becomes really fun, it’s all worth it.

Please allow us to introduce… PARTY WITH ZOMBIES!  The title may change.  In fact, everything we show may change.  Heck, it probably will.  But that’s how it goes.

Gameplay Concept 01

What you see here are a few examples of what we’re just starting to build.  Party With Zombies is a gallery shooter… except that it’s a tower defense game.  OK, it’s a gallery shooter AND a tower defense game.

Does that sound crazy?  Yeah, we think so too.  But we’ll keep showing you what we’re doing, and we’ll try to focus on different parts of the project in different entries.  Tell us what you’d like to know-  Design?  Programming?  Animation?  What do zombies do at parties?  All will be revealed.



4 thoughts on “Come See What We’re Doing Next…

  1. So, what is the initial idea, regarding the tower defense element? Would it be placing things before starting? Activating objects within the scene? Dropping things on the fly?

    I have no idea how that last one would work, unless…maybe (on a DualShock controller, for example) shuffling through item options with R2 and L2 (or L1 and R1), dropping with a face button, and activating by shooting them?

  2. Your games tend to be a new take on, or refresh of, a known, often-classic genre (or, in this case, a merging of two or more). I think that part of what people find enjoyable about Creat games is when they’re already somewhat familiar with the premise or execution, and can get right down to playing and enjoying the visual design.

    Do your games more often start with the genre (“Let’s make an RC racer!”), art/character design, or gameplay idea?

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  4. You’re on the right track, jaylaf. The game, currently, would have a number of those types of actions. As for controls, we’re designing this for PSN and for mobile, so each will have its own control scheme.

    As for how we approach new games, check out our recent interview. Scott, our VP of Publishing, addresses just that. (See the Pingback, above.)

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